Everyone who shop in our store has read and accepted this contract.


Member’s Information: Member must enter their information complete and without any error/mistake. It is mandatory to enter the Full name,  telephone number , and full address  for delivery. This information is required for both security and legal obligation.


Mistakes/Errors: Our company can not be held responsible/liable for any mistake/error that may occur in the product description, name, price


Price Policy: Our company determines the prices of all products sold in our store according to free economic rules. This includes Label Price, Sales Price, and Discounted Price. No one, including the Customer, the Product producer, the Importer, or the distributor, has the authority to force us to change the price. Exceptions to typographical errors.


Warranty: It operates within the framework of the rules set out on our company store and Customer's Warranty Conditions page.


Returns: Any product that our company/store sells is guaranteed a return on the return conditions part.


Fees: All charges collected by our company are clearly displayed in the relevant sections as the customer can see. These prices can not be appealed later.


Customer Satisfaction: Our company is working atmost to meet the customer satisfaction at the maximum level. All complaints and requests for customer dissatisfaction and customer requests which are not in the frame of general trade rules are carefully examined and tried to be concluded promptly.


Product Delivery/Shipping: Deliveries will only be delivered with the identity of the shipping companies or our distribution network identified by our store. Delivery with a different cargo company can not be requested. When the ordered package is delivered, it should not be checked for damaged or defective packages. Your order will be deemed to have been delivered by the Cargo Authority completely and firmly.


Legality: All customers shop from our store do unconditionally accepted terms and rules stated here above and in other section of this website. Any disbutes arising out of this agreeement will be governed by Turkish Law at Commercial Courts at Istanbul.