Brazil Nuts 500 gr



Country of origin: Brazil

About the product:  Brazil nuts are a nutrient-dense and delicious type of nuts that come from a tree in South America bearing the same name.

Packaging: Each pack contains 500 gr of Brazil Nuts

Benefits: The most important health benefits of selenium-rich Brazil nuts include their ability to reduce inflammation, improve heart health, aid in skin care, boost weight loss, reduce the signs of aging, regulate thyroid function, and fight anxiety. These nuts also strengthen the immune system, stimulate growth and repair, improve the digestive process, lower the risk of cancer, and boost male fertility.


Ordering: The orders that are placed within the working hours, will be sent to the shipping company at 2:00 pm on the same day.


 Nutritional information per 100 gr

 ·   Calories 730 kcal

 ·   Total fat 74 gr

 ·   Carbohydrate 7.9gr

 ·    Protein 9.2 gr

 ·   Diet fiber 12 gr

 ·   Cholestrol 0 

 ·   Sodium 52 mg

 ·   Salt 0.013g

 ·   Sugar 4.6g