Cocoa Powder 200 gr




Country of origin: Turkey


About the product: Cocoa powder is the dry solid remains of fermented, dried, and roasted cacao beans. The beans are cracked into nibs, which are then ground intoto a paste made of cocoa solids suspended in near-flavorless cocoa butter.


Packaging: Each pack contains 200 gr of Cacoa Powder.




·       Stabilizes Blood Pressure. Cocoa powder has an inexplicable quality to stabilize blood pressure.


·       Antioxidant Capacity


·       Good for Brain Health


·       Maintains Cholesterol Level


·       Treats Diabetes


·       Cure Bronchial Asthma


·       Healing Power


·       Reduce Obesity


Ordering: The orders that are placed within the working hours, will be sent to the shipping company at 2:00 pm on the same day.