Raw Sunflower Seeds 500 gr



Country of origin: China


About the product: Our raw sunflower seeds without the shell are ready to enjoy.A handful of sunflower seeds over salads and cereals, or add them to baked goods.  Each serving of sunflower seeds is an excellent source of fiber, protein, iron and healthy fats.


Packaging: Each pack contains 500 gr of raw sunflower seed which is enclosed into a box.


Benefits: Snacking on protein-rich sunflower seeds may help lower your blood pressure. Recent research shows that a diet with ample amounts of vegetable protein, such as the protein found in sunflower seeds, may help keep blood pressure down


Ordering: The orders that are placed within the working hours, will be sent to the shipping company at 2:00 pm of the same day.


Nutritional information per 100 gr

·       Total Fat              25g       

 ·       Carbohydrates    9g

·       Net carbs             4g         

·       Fiber                    5g        

·       Glucose                1g

·       Protein                11g       

·       Calcium                60mg    

·       Iron                      2mg