Roasted Cashew Nut 500 gr




 Country of origin: India and Vietnam


About the product: This product is grown in AFRİCA on trees. Then the product is processed and gets ready for use in Indian and Vietnam factories. After importing this product, we roast it and make it ready for use based on our own processing methods in Turkish  Factories.


Packaging: Each pack contains 500 gr of nut which is enclosed into a plastic cover that can be opened and closed easily to prevent the product from getting perished.


Benefits: This product is a natural one which is grown in farm. It is rich in nutrients which are necessary for our health. It provides the energy which is needed for a daily life.


Ordering: The orders that are placed within the working hours, will be sent to the shipping company at 2:00 pm of the same day.


Nutritional information per 100 gr


·       Calories 615 kcal

·       Total fat 47 gr

·       Carbohydrate 28 gr

·       Protein 20 gr

·       Sodium 1mg