Turmeric 250 gr



Country of origin: Turkey

About the product: Often referred to as Zedoaria or Amba Haldi, white turmeric is actually the root of the Curcuma zedoaria plant. It is a perennial herb and is member of genus Curcuma and Zingiberaceae family.

Packaging: Each pack contains 250 gr Turmeric.

Benefits: Drugs for women , Lowering blood sugar levels, Anti-cancer, Anti-toxic, Ulcer medicine, Antinyeri medicine, Antibacterial and antifungal, Anti-allergic activity, Anti-inflammatory and painkiller property, Antimicrobial activity, Relieves Inflammation and Pain, Respiratory Problems, Digestive Aid


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Nutritional information per 100 gr

·       Total Fat                                           0.22g    

·       Saturated Fat                                   0.069g  

·       Polyunsaturated Fat                       0.048g  

·       Monounsaturated Fat                     0.037g 

·       Cholesterol                                      0mg     

·       Sodium                                             1mg      

·       Potassium                                        56mg    

·       Total Carbohydrate                         1.43g   

·       Dietary Fiber                                    0.5g      

·       Sugars                                               0.07g    

·       Protein                                            0.17g      

·       Vitamin                                            A 0%     

·       Vitamin                                            C 1%

·       Calcium                                            0%        

·       Iron                                                   5%